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a national debate on religion and gay rights. the governor has been in washington, dc the last five days for a conference. last week the arizona legislature passed a bill to allow business owners to deny service to gays based on religious beliefs. several corporations including apple, say it would be bad for business. former republican presidential candidate romney is among those urging governor to veto the bill. katie marzullo will have more on the developing story at the top of the hour. >>> alameda county supervise (o)ors -- supervisors are going back to the drawing board called laura's law. under the law a judge can order outpatient treatment for people with a history of severe mental illness. each county must decide whether to adopt the law. supervisors were divided and decided to delay the proposal for 90 days while health officials come up with a better set of recommendations. >>> a new five career agreement to have google turn the downtown corridor of mountain view into a wireless holt spot. google is replacing the wi-fi network which is not functioning because of technology chan
similar. activists say this opens the door to allowing people to use religion as an excuse for prejudice. >> that is happening to those discriminated against? we still waiting. >> a majority state including arizona have laws banning same-sex marriage but the federal judges have been striking them down moving the issue close to the supreme court. >> a good samaritan took on an armed robber in richmond all caught on video. the surveillance video shows the robber coming to the store. he is too close the clerk goes for the gun. they struggle over the help. a customer approaches, boom, and takes the gunman down. police arrested the suspect. police say it was risky that they do not recommend. here, it worked. >> the bay area is bracing for round two of the storms. yesterday, fishermen and tourists braved the wind and rain and saw stormy skies and stormy sea in pacifica with waves pounding the pacific pier with gusts up to 50 miles per hour. >> calm in the morning but almost like 20' waves because the pier is 35' high. >> the water was going over the side of the bi. >> -- side of the pier. >> y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2